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The name Optiphi is synonymous with quality. The brand originated from the medical field of wound care dressings, ointments and temporary skin substitutes. It is the understanding of the skin and its mechanisms, that optiphi formulates an effective and comprehensive range of results driven skincare, for true skin rejuvenation.


Meet the people behind the JOEN face mask.

Silvia and her son Collins, owners of JOEN Arts and Bags in Limpopo, South Africa, make wine coolers, bags and clothes for the tourist trade. They have diversified into making colourful face masks to raise funds for their community and allow them, and their recruited teams, to continue to earn an income during this lockdown period.

Skin Rejuvenation Technologies, the manufacturers of optiphi® in South Africa, applaud the initiative and hard work that Silvia, Collins and their recruited teams are putting into JOEN and the positivity and love they have for their community. These teams are helping educate their communities about this novel virus and reduce the spread of the disease in a community that has been hit hard by the virus.

Skin Rejuvenation Technologies and optiphi® have joined hands with JOEN Masks and are helping to make these vibrant and practical masks available to the South African public, and is donating the proceeds from these sales back into the Hoedspruit district community, and the charities they support. The FAB Practice is donating a proportion of UK sales proceeds to the NHS.


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